Hi, I'm Waqas Abbasi

Software and Development Engineer

About Me

I'm a self-taught Software Engineer that attended the Delft University of Technology for 1 Year. I've had the opportunity to learn core Computer Science concepts from leading experts in Computer Science. Through Research and Experimentation, I've been able to learn and build software products using the latest technologies. I'm passionate about System Architecture and am working towards learning and researching Systems on Scale. Additionally, I'm also very curious and passionate about topics such as Web Development, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Software Performance, and AI.

What I'm Learning in 2020

  • Microservice Architecture
  • Scalable Distributed Systems (Network & Infrastructure)
  • Performance Tuning and Benchmarking
  • Parallel Computing and Processing (Java)
  • Dockerization, Docker Orchestration and Cloud Technologies
  • Using AI for Autonomous Flying (Drones) / Embedded Systems
  • Open Source Contribution and Development

My Skills

Proficient With

Programming Languages:Java, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML/CSS, SQL

Frameworks / Libraries: React, Redux, React-Native, Node.js, Express.js, JUnit

Other: Git, Rest Architecture, Agile Development (Scrum)

Familiar With

Programming Languages: Python, GoLang, C++

Frameworks / Technnologies: Apache Cassandra, Apache ZooKeeper, Redis, gRPC, Protobuff, Kubernetes, Docker, Angular, Ionic 3/4, jQuery, Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring JPA & Spring Security), JavaFX, Webpack, Babel, Mockito, NestJS, Next.js, TypeORM, Puppeteer

Other: UML, Machine Learning, Unix Command Line


Url Shortner | Distributed Systems Project

Created a TinyURL inspired Url-Shortner with Distributed Technologies and Microservice-Architecture. Incorporated Distributed Technologies to prevent single-point failures. Used Zookeeper to generate Unique IDs for Base62 Algorithm for generating unique Short Urls. Designed and Implemented a Scalable System. To scale, only the number of replicas in the Kubernetes cluster need to be increased. Made use of gRPC for performant and efficient communication. Enhanced further performance by using Caching (Redis) for frequent reads.

Technologies Used: Java, gRPC, Protobuf, Apache Cassandra, Apache ZooKeeper, Redis, Javascript, React, Kubernetes, Docker

Shortest Path Visualiser | Algorithms Visualisation Project

Path Finding Visualizer that integrates Breadth-First Search, Depth-First Search, Dijkstra’s Algorithm and A* Search Algorithm. Includes maze generation algorithms such as Recursive Division Algorithm, Prim’s Algorithm and Eller’s Algorithm.

Technologies Used: Javascript, React, HTML/CSS, Netlify

Book Worm - iOS App | Commercial Project

iOS App that allows book readers to take notes during or after each of their reading sessions, which includes audio notes, text notes, image notes - organized in reading sessions. Integrates and supports adding books through barcode scanning (ISBN), adding custom books or searching online Book search implemented with Google Books API

Technologies Used: React Native, React-Redux, JavaScript, Expo, Google Books API

Carbon Footprint Tracker | Collaborative Full Stack Project

Application that allows users to calculate and keep track of their daily carbon footprint and compete with others in lowering their carbon footprint through gamification. Worked in collaboration with 3 other students.

Technologies Used: Java, JavaFX, Spring Framework (Spring Boot, Spring JPA, Spring Security), JUnit, Mockito, React, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS, Gitlab

Personal Portfolio Website

A personal website that reflects my passions and interests. It also reflect what I'm most looking forward to in regards to developments in tech and technologies that I love working with. I also like to regularly blog and share my experiences with the technologies that I'm currently experimenting with.

Technologies Used: Javascript, React, Next.js HTML/CSS (SCSS), Zeit

US Net Income Calculator

Income Calculator that lets you calculate your Net income in a City after considering costs such as Taxes, Rent, Cost of Living, Utilities etc. Backend API built with Node.js that uses Puppeteer to scrap off of websites for information such as different tax laws in different states, average rent in different cities etc.

Technologies Used: Javascript, Node.JS, Puppeteer, React, HTML/CSS, Netlify, Heroku

Rick and Morty Characters | Web App

Learn more about Rick and Morty Characters

Technologies Used: Javascript, React.js, Next.js, HTML/CSS, SCSS, ZEIT


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Feel free to reach out if you are looking for a developer, have a question or would like to just connect.